Nivaria Beach
Soy residente canario


Close your eyes and feel your breath. You’re barefoot and in peace. You are in an idyllic place, in the middle of the desert, where you can hear the soft sound of water flowing in the pool. It smells like the sea, and it’s just dawn. You feel the morning sun and stretch your muscles, discovering and becoming aware of your body in a guided yoga class with people from all over the world. And you think… Namaste

Nivaria Beach is the perfect place for yoga classes. Its year-round spring climate, wild environment, the feeling of peace throughout the complex and the silence of the desert landscape that surrounds it make it a sanctuary of tranquillity for the practice of meditation and physical exercise in the open air. Our yoga instructor, Sara Garrido, has been trained in Bali (Indonesia) and Rishikesh (India) and masters various styles. She stands out for her joy and how she conducts the classes, always attentive to the students. Classes are held in Spanish and English. What kind of Yoga sessions do we offer?

  • Wake Up Yoga: Group yoga sessions to start the day in body-mind balance. Complimentary activity for our guests. They take place in the mornings, several times a week. We choose the location according to the weather and the number of people registered. The 75 minutes sessions are adapted to the group’s level: Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Ashtanga or Nidra Yoga. Limited and free places for all our guests.
  • Yoga at Home: Private yoga sessions in the privacy of your apartment. Your apartment’s extensive terrace can be a good place to hold it. They are tailor-made, more in-depth, personal sessions. Times according to availability. Duration 75 minutes. Price € 35.