Nivaria Beach
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From diving baptism in our pool to diving in Abades Beach: all the possibilities at your fingertips to live a unique experience. Baptism in our swimming pool+immersion in Abades beach: If you have never dived and want to be baptised in the safety of a swimming pool, at Nivaria Beach we offer a 1h30 initiation session in our pool, with a 10 min dive. If you like the experience, you can expand your knowledge and take a dive in Abades beach (up to 6 metres deep). The class will be held according to the teachers’ availability (2 students per diving instructor). The Medano Dive diving school offers the experience. Groups of at least 3 people.
  • Immersion in the pool € 10
  • mmersion in Abades beach: € 70
  • Total: € 80
Sea immersions for certified divers
  • 1 immersion (certified diver) in Abades, Tabaiba, Bocacangrejo, Las Heras… : € 55
  • 2 immersions (certified diver) in Abades, Tabaiba, Bocacangrejo, Las Heras… : € 90