We are conscious of

the reality in which we live.

We are the choice of those who live consciously and travel to Tenerife responsibly. We know where we are and what a privilege it is to be part of this environment. We also understand that it is our responsibility to take care of it and preserve it to the maximum.

The spirit of Kora Living is synonymous with sustainability. We believe that to truly reconnect with nature, we must live in harmony and respect with the environment.


    The same sun that makes the island so attractive is responsible for heating the water with which you take showers and regulating the temperature of pools and jacuzzis. In addition, in our solar garden, we grow sustainable products. For this, we have 54 solar panels.


    In the South of Tenerife, water is a precious commodity. We have our own system to filter and purify the water you shower with. We take advantage of every drop by reusing the gray water to irrigate our gardens and ecological orchards.


    Our dry gardens are sustainable and integrated into the environment.  We have plants endemic to the Canary Islands (tabaibas, verodes, cardones, dragon trees) adapted to the climate and requiring very little watering. We cover the garden areas with volcanic ash, which retains the humidity at night.


    We play with light and wind, constructing buildings that face southeast to maximize daylight hours and shelter us from the trade winds that regulate the temperature in the islands. Double windows for soundproofing and an airflow cross-ventilation system replaced air conditioning for increased sustainability.



    We started thinking about how to reduce paper waste, and thanks to systems such as self-check in, online reservations, our chatbot, and digital information screens, we are achieving it. We use very little and always recycled.



    Our gels and shampoos are 100% natural, organic, and vegan. The packaging is ECOCERT-certified, recycled, and free of microplastics.

  • KM 0

    We like to build community and get along well with our neighbors, so we prioritize proximity contracts with our teams and collaborators and offer km 0 gastronomy from small local producers.


    Do we really need single-use water bottles? Life without plastic is fantastic! We have refill points with filtering systems for all our customers, who can refill their aluminium bottles, thus taking care of the planet. If you don’t have one, you can always use one of ours and take it with you as a souvenir!


    Riding a bike offers double benefits—for the environment and your health. At Kora Nivaria Beach, we add a third: incredible routes to explore the island of Tenerife.